The Brussels Government is proposing a NEW, more SECURE accommodation model.

Brussels is in the front line whenever the instability of the world forces people to flee their country and take refuge in Belgium. A tradition of hospitality has been established in recent years. In 2015, thousands of Syrians fled the war. Since 2017, hundreds of transit migrants have stopped in Brussels. Since March this year, we have been welcoming Ukrainians. There are expected to be +/-12,000 Ukrainians by the end of 2022 (there were 7,000 as of 1 June). Each time, Brussels citizens have come forward. The Municipalities and the Region have gradually supported this hospitality and built solutions.

Today, the regional government and the municipalities intend to INSTITUTIONALLY SUPPORT AND SECURE this Brussels tradition.

  1. The Region itself is creating more than 3,600 guest places thanks to a partnership with the property sector and hotels.
  2. Each municipality has a contact person for its host citizens and is looking for new hosting solutions.
  3. Each citizen host has a secure personal space on the bemyguest website.
  4. Only the municipality and/or the Public Centre for Social Welfare (PCSW) can organise the meeting between the host citizen and the guest. This means that you are not put directly in contact with the Ukrainian and that you first discuss with the municipality or the PCSW, who remain your contacts throughout the hosting period.
  5. When a host hosts a guest, they sign a secure hosting agreement.
  6. This agreement defines a deadline for the hosting. The Region recommends three months.
  7. This agreement specifies the compensation that the guest pays to the host. The Region recommends €150 per adult and €50 per minor. Only for charges, not for food.
  8. The agreement specifies that, with the agreement of the guest, the PCSW deducts the amount of the compensation from the social assistance granted to the guest and transfers it to your bank account.
  9. This agreement specifies that the host is not responsible for the administrative support of the guest. This is the role of the PCSW.
  10. This agreement states that in the event of physical or mental health problems, the guest can contact the Brussels Health Orientation Center, 0800/12347/Address: Boulevard Pacheco 42, 1000 Brussels; open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to 5.30pm (last entry at 4pm). The Centre has Ukrainian-speaking doctors and psychologists.
  11. This agreement specifies that four organisations offer a short integration course to each guest so they can understand how Belgium and its culture work:
  12. A Charter is available for you and the guest to review all the cohabitation issues and set a common living framework that respects each person.
  13. Whenever you have a question about hosting and your relationship with the guest, you can call the freephone number 0800/40 400, which will answer your questions (available from 10 June).