The Brussels Government is proposing a NEW, more SECURE accommodation model.

As of 1 June, 7,000 people have fled the war in Ukraine and found refuge in Brussels. They will probably number 12,000 by the end of the year. This situation involves us all. The Region is in the process of creating 3,600 reception places. It will also help and support citizen hosts: it is calling for new citizen hosts.

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Belgium and the Brussels-Capital Region are doing everything possible to organise the reception of Ukrainian refugees.

When they arrive in Brussels, the priority of these refugees is to find housing, social assistance, a job, but also places in a nursery or at school for their children.

The majority of the population which has fled the war in Ukraine in recent days can benefit from immediate protection status in the European Union. People with this status have access to all the rights of a legally registered foreigner: admission to the labour market, access to social services, etc.

The Brussels reception offices for newcomers Bon and Bapas provide information on living, working and housing in Belgium to people fleeing Ukraine. They also provide individual counselling in their own language or in a language they understand.

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