The website is a regional platform available in five languages
(FR, NL, EN, UA and RU), managed in collaboration with the Ukrainian community of
The site provides tools and information on:

  • Steps to take upon arrival in Belgium;
  • Looking for housing;
  • Finding a job: Employment is a key factor when looking for housing; 
  • Schooling and education;
  • Events and activities offered or organised by the Ukrainian community; 
  • The right to health care insurance for Ukrainian refugees;

It also provides access to material assistance, support for pets, language learning,
finding financial aid for your family, useful telephone lines, minors arriving without
their parents, support for people with disabilities, availability of childcare for
children, finding your family, finding an interpreter or intercultural mediator, public
transport, assistance in the event of sexual abuse, etc.


Looking for

There are no upcoming events at the moment.