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Expectant mothers Searching for monitoring for my pregnancy

Have you just arrived in Brussels and are you pregnant? Do not hesitate to knock on the door of one of the numerous family planning centres or to go to a free consultation in a branch of l’ONE ou de Kind&Gezin.

These consultations are places open to all prospective parents, located in a hospital or in a neighbourhood.

You will be met by a gynaecologist or a midwife and a medical social worker called PEPs (Child-Parent Partners).

They will monitor your pregnancy, the baby’s development and your health as an expectant mother.

The doctor will order a series of examinations (blood draws, ultrasounds) necessary for the proper monitoring of your pregnancy.

The PEPs will be happy to answer your questions, give you all the information you need about your pregnancy, the birth, nutrition for pregnant women, etc.

› List of places where you will be able to receive Pregnancy Monitoring (Family planning centres, ONE prenatal consultations)

ONE and Kind&Gezin have also created, on their respective websites, a section dedicated to pregnant women and families with young children. Numerous resources can be found there such as perinatal consultations, consultations for children, free time care, etc.

› In English: https://www.one.be/fileadmin/user_upload/siteone/DOCS_hebergement/brochure-communication-aux-familles-d-ukraine-en.pdf

A new official website (www.bornin.brussels) dedicated to pregnancy, birth and infancy will be launched at the end of April. It will contain a wealth of information, including an SOS section for dealing with emergencies, as well as a Rights and Procedures section that will answer, in a simplified manner, all the legal questions that (future) parents may have.

Also refer to Wheel of care  and Zwanger in Brussel