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Material assistance Are you looking for food, clothing or a place to put your belongings?

Since March 14, many Ukrainian refugees can join the registration center.

Specifically, the Red Cross is now providing the following activities at the registration center located at 40 Place Victor Horta, 1060 Brussels:

  • For all newcomers, a health point is organized at the registration site for beneficiaries of temporary protection (40 Place Victor Horta, 1060 Brussels). Basic first aid and/or emergency care are offered, as well as basic vaccination catch-up and tuberculosis screening.


  • Distribution of information flyers in the queues about the support and services provided by various stakeholders (authorities, solidarity actors, migration routes, etc.).


  • Presence and operation of a playroom for children and an infant room (for breastfeeding and hygiene products).


  • Distribution of drinks and snacks in waiting rooms, with the presence of voluntary translators.


  • Information about the existence of the Family Reunification Service, authorized to initiate searches for people who have lost contact with their loved ones.


  • Free Wi-Fi in waiting rooms.



    In the longer term, several places in Brussels can be requested for receiving food, taking a shower, storing belongings, finding diapers or milk for your child, etc.

    Here is a list of places where can you obtain material assistance:

    › Distribution of food parcels
    › Social restaurants
    › Social grocery stores
    › Solidarity fridges
    › Vestiaires sociaux
    › Social clothing outlets
    › Lockers for the homeless
    › Showers for the homeless
    › Second hand furniture
    › Material assistance for young children

    If you have organised a collection of clothing, blankets, medicinal products and other food items, contact the Ukrainian Embassy in Brussels (02 379 21 25).