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Outside school time activities Looking for extra-curricular activities (outside school time) for my children

Many extra-curricular activities are organised in the Brussels-Capital Region. They take place during the school holidays, on Wednesday afternoons, after school, at weekends, etc. The activities are many and varied: sports, cultural, artistic, language courses, scientific awareness, tutoring, etc.

For more information, please contact 

> https://www.jeunesseabruxelles.be/site/

> https://www.bruxellestempslibre.be/

> https://tickets.vgc.be/index.php/activity

> https://www.onderwijscentrumbrussel.be/projecten/talentboost

> http://www.centres-de-vacances.be/

In addition, the community centres have a site with various activities geared towards the Ukrainian community: https://www.n22.brussels/oekraine

The Flemish Community Commission is contributing to the creation of a range of leisure activities both during the year and during the holiday period (July and August). Please note, the activities are generally offered in Dutch!
They are doing this by developing their own range of activities or by supporting associations that offer one. If you are looking for a specific range of activities (sports, games, culture, etc.), you can obtain relevant information by calling (+ 32 (0)2 563 05 88) or you can send your question via email to cultuur.jeugdsport@vgc.be. The VGC staff will then assist you as best they can. Questions can be asked in Dutch, French and English. Questions in Ukrainian and Russian can also be answered, with the assistance of a translation service.

We would also like to draw your attention to the leisure pass.
www.paspartoebrussel.be – Paspartoe is the dedicated leisure pass for Brussels and is now available for everyone. This allows you to take part in cultural, youth and sports activities at discounted prices. Paspartoe is your pass to leisure activities in Brussels!
Several libraries in Brussels have foreign language collections including books in Ukrainian and Russian. More information can be found at the following link. 
Other language collections | Brussels libraries (https://bibliotheek.be/en)