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 What to do when there are questions about access to healthcare?

Persons from Ukraine enjoying temporary protection in the Brussels Capital Region should contact: :
• For medical follow-up: to a general practitioner (search via the Federation of Associations of General Practitioners of Brussels (FAMGB) or by calling 1710). If they need help, they can contact the ASBL 'Ukrainian Voices Refugee Committee'.
• In case of emergency, they can contact the 'Emergency' department of their nearest hospital
• For mental health support, the number 0800/12347 is available
• For more general questions of orientation and support in the Belgian health system: contact the ASBL "Ukrainian Voices Refugee Committee", rue Montoyer 34, 1040 Brussels.
• For all newcomers, a health point is organized at the registration centre for beneficiaries of temporary protection (40 Place Victor Horta, 1060 Brussels). First aid and/or emergency care are offered there, as well as a basic vaccination catch-up and tuberculosis screening.
We strongly recommend that beneficiaries of temporary protection are in order with their affiliation to the health insurance fund (mutualité), see the leaflet via this link.

What to do if you have questions about social protection?

• For all questions on social protection (children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, etc.): contact the ASBL Ukrainian Voices Refugee Committee.
• BTPs can contact the CPAS (Public Centre for Social Welfare) of the municipality where they live and are registered with their temporary protection certificate and their identity documents.

Contact details of ASBL Ukrainian Voices Refugee Committee.

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In the frame of the European temporary protection status, INAMI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) ensures Ukrainian refugees the right to health care insurance so that they can benefit from affordable care. To that end, they must start by joining a Belgian mutual insurance company.

Here is all you need to know about health insurance agencies in Brussels. Which are the health insurance agencies and how do I register with them?

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Also useful to refer to the role of general practitioners: Doctor Brussels