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In Brussels, 1 in 2 job offers requires knowledge of French and Dutch. And often, knowledge of other languages is also required by employers.

The Brussels-Capital Region offers many opportunities for language learning throughout the year. These classes are organised by the municipalities, by BECI (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry), by organisations supported by the French and Flemish Communities, or by a private institution.

The use of languages is extremely regulated in the Brussels Region. Public services are required to address the public solely in one of the Region's two languages. A request was submitted to the Standing Commission for Language Supervision to be able to welcome and receive refugees in English. The latter has already agreed and this enables an evolution in the use of languages in Brussels.

› https://www.actiris.brussels/fr/citoyens/apprendre-une-langue/

Want to take a language course to increase your chances of finding a job? Actiris offers you several free packages. The Wallonia-Brussels Federation regulates the organisation of "gateway classes" via Daspa, a reception and schooling scheme for newly arrived students, offering them a limited period intermediate schooling stage before they move to standard schooling.

This scheme aims to teach French to children in exile and to bring them up to speed. Ultimately, the goal is for them to reach the correct level of education for their age. Faced with this influx of new arrivals, the Minister of Education plans to make "temporary changes" aimed at "facilitating certain procedures and granting periods of time in line with your actual needs”.

› http://www.enseignement.be/index.php?page=26430&navi=894

Information platform for expatriates in Brussels, the commissioner.brussels website offers a series of tips for following language courses (EN)https://www.commissioner.brussels/fr/je-suis-un-expatrie/36/804