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People with disabilities Looking for support for disabled persons

People with disabilities, whether physical or mental, have many questions. Where can I find allowances? Housing assistance? What facilities are provided for public transport? Which education to follow? In Belgium, the policy for the disabled is the responsibility of several authorities: federal, regional and community.

Day centres welcome adults and children with mental, physical or sensory disabilities. They provide medical, psychological, paramedical, social and educational care through adapted activities.

› https://www.ccc-ggc.brussels/fr/aide-aux-personnes#Aide-aux-personnes-handicap%C3%A9es-:-accueil-ou-h%C3%A9bergement
› https://phare.irisnet.be/

The PHARE Service provides information, advice and financial assistance to people with disabilities in the Brussels Region.
› www.kenniscentrumwwz.be/personen-met-een-handicap-en-inclusie (NL)

The 'Brussels Regionaal Overleg Gehandicaptenzorg' (BROG) is an organisation for consultation and cooperation in the field of Dutch language care for the disabled in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Brussels Aanmeldingspunt voor Personen met een Handicap is the contact point for Dutch-speaking Brussels residents with a disability.
www.brap.be (NL)