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Visit our ‘Brussels Orientation Center’


What is the Brussels Orientation Center (BOC)?

It is the Brussels social/health reference centre, a service available to people with the status of beneficiary
of temporary protection (BTP). Like other European countries, Belgium is hosting a large number of
people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Our country and the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) are doing everything possible to organise the best possible reception for these refugees.
This centre, specially created in the heart of the capital in last May, enables all these people -
residing in the Brussels-Capital Region - to access medical and/or mental health assistance and receive
information on the Belgian health system, social rights and other available aid.
The BOC is an initiative of the Common Community Commission.

Who can go to the Brussels Orientation Center?

The BOC welcomes all beneficiaries of temporary protection (BTP) who have come from Ukraine and are residing in Brussels, regardless of the stage of the administrative process underway. In addition, all applicants for international protection residing in Brussels who do not have access to other existing schemes are also welcome.

This document gives you a brief overview of the functioning of this centre.